noun • a know-it-all, wiseguy, wiseacre, or smart aleck;
from the German besser (better) and wissen (to know)

  1. Nate Weiner on why Pocket went free

    Today we launched a brand new version of Read It Later (now named Pocket). As a part of this update we have made all of our apps free.

    This is a big change to how we’ve operated in the past and I wanted to give some more insight into the decision. Personally, I always like to know how the services I love make money because quite simply: I want to know they will stick around.

    I understand that there is a stigma of the Silicon Valley startup with a business plan of “We’ll figure it out later”, and that is not who we are. We decided to make the move to a new revenue model last year and today is just the first step in that process.

    He doesn’t lay out all the details of Pocket’s plan for the future, but I’m glad to see that there is such a plan.